Watercolor is a transparent medium. It is luminous and alive, full of movement, surprise and joy.  Paula's teaching embraces the elusive balance between control of the the paint and an understanding of when to step back and let the paint make its own mark.

In these classes you will explore methods of applying and moving paint on paper, experience degrees of wetness of paper and brush for particular effects, study color theory, transparent layering, soft and hard edges and learn the sequence of building a watercolor painting.

You will learn how to use watercolor paints, brushes and papers to create the results you want.

"I wanted to thank you for these past 10 weeks. It's been a gift to me. Your candid sharing and answers to all my crazy questions about life as an artist were so appreciated. Your ability to share your gift and knowledge in a non judgemental way made for such a great intro to watercolor. It's been a long time since I did something for me, and this couldn't have been better."


"Paula, Thank you! I had the most wonderful experience of my life today at the workshop.....I am not kidding you. I have difficulty relaxing and today was the most relaxed I have ever been. ...and you are right, it is magical. Thanks"

"Painting with Paula is pure pleasure. Paula's relaxed and comfortable way of sharing her expertise allows beginning and intermediate painters to experience the fun and joy of watercolor painting."