Drawing is both the structural support behind painting and a beautiful medium in itself.

In all classes we will work in some form with proportion, light and dark shading and shadowing, shape, line, negative space, composition, perspective and detail.

Paula's teaching method is based on" right side of the brain" theory in which you learn first how to look at three dimensional object and spaces, and then translate this information onto paper.

Whether you have never drawn or feel that you can't be taught or for those who simply want to reconnect and remember the pleasure in drawing and improve skills...

"This class has been a real eye opener for me.  Humbling and amazing.  Thanks for your thoughtfulness in teaching."

"Paula really created a safe space , very comfortable atmosphere, encouraging in a really positive way but fair and honestly. I learned a lot."

"The class was very helpful in understanding the basic concepts of drawing. Paula's style is positive and she has a wonderful calm tone that is conducive to learning."

"This was a great workshop - Paula covered a lot of material in a really constructive way- and did it with lightness and humor."

"This workshop was very good for me- half a dozen very different ways of beginning to see and represent what I see on paper."