Paula has over forty years of teaching experience in academic, community and private settings. In an atmosphere of encouragement and support, with a maximum class size of six, you will receive individual attention and help in developing your own personal vision and style. People study with Paula for a variety of reasons: to explore the non-verbal, intuitive, creative parts of the brain, to expand technical skills, or to begin to learn how to paint and draw.  Paula also offers her expertise as a Creativity Coach and as a Mentor.

When you study with Paula you will gain the confidence and tools you need to begin and continue on your artistic journey.



To Register for a class contact Paula  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


"I'd never picked up a paint brush in 57 years so I had no idea where to start. A year of patient, considerate, thoughtful, expert artistic mentoring and several of my paintings are in a holiday art show at a local gallery. Better than that, painting brings me such joy, contentment and a great sense of freedom." 


"Your knowledge amazes me; your kindness and encouragement engage me. Your space delights the senses."